Educational Consultants Inc.

ECI is a group of Educators from the Greater Roanoke Valley. The organization consists of men and women with like purposes of serving as a catylyst in our community concerning education and successful living. ECI aims to create a new culture of awareness and enthusiasm for educational opportunities throughout the Greater Roanoke Valley. A scholarship fund will be used each year to assist graduating seniors, as well as individuals desiring to further their education.

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The visionary of Rebounding Roanoke is Mr. Jerel Rhodes. He envisioned a functioning organism designed for the youth of the Greater Roanoke Valley upon graduation from William Fleming High School in 1991. Mr Rhodes' vision finally manifested itself during the Fall of 2011. Currently Rebounding Roanoke serves as the umbrella for the following organizations: The Scholarly Gents, The Renaissance Academy, Men of Admin and The Black Educators Coalition.

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