Blue Chip
540 Prep Elite

Blue Chip 540 Prep Elite is the athletic component to Rebounding Roanoke.  Like everything else under the Rebounding Roanoke umbrella, this program strives to develop the complete individual.  If an elementary, middle, or high school student demonstrates the skill set to succeed in football, basketball, baseball, track, soccer, or gymnastics, this part of our organization equips him or her with a “tool bag of resources” to get him or her through to the college level.

By providing training and exposure, this program serves as a conduit between the student and college coaches.  As trainers enhance these students’ athletic skills on the field or in the gym, tutors prepare the students for success in the classroom and onthe Standards of Learning tests.  Practice ACT, PSAT, and SAT exams are administered, and college visits are scheduled and coordinated.  This hopefully  Ideally, culminates in the student finds a college home where he or she can continue their athletic careers, while obtaining a degree.

Join Blue Chip 540 Prep Elite, It's a life changing experience!

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