ELLE Academy

The Next Generation of Womanhood

Elle Academy is a Greater Roanoke Valley program designed to engage elementary, middle and high school, African-American females in a series of college trips, community service opportunities, career shadowing, workshops and events promoting academic, social and financial skills. The Academy provides men and women within the local community an opportunity to contribute to the success of future generations of black female students.

Cardinal Principles

self sustainment

7 "I"s for Successful Outcomes

Our mission of cultivating vision, setting goals and creating productive lifestyles, is developed through the use of the 7 I’s for Successful Outcomes:

  1. Ideal Influences
  2. Informed Decisions
  3. Insightful Choices
  4. Individualized Attention
  5. Inspirational Surroundings
  6. Involved Exposure
  7. Incredible Opportunities

The Vision

The members of the academy are inspired, enlightened, and challenged to develop a vision for their lives. Believing that exposure is the key to maximizing one's potential, academy members are encouraged to endeavor in academia and servitude as a catalyst to leadership development. ELLE institutes a character enhancement model, 7 I’s for Successful Outcomes. This model is based on the idea of concerted cultivation. There are three components within the model that are highlighted: Incredible Opportunities, Involved Exposure, and Ideal Influences. These three elements develop the exposure needed to awaken the curiosity of the dormant mind. The 7 I’s for Successful Outcomes creates the infrastructure that broadens the scope of mental concepts and possibilities for a successful lifestyle. As we develop servant leaders, we aspire to produce agents of change that exemplify the essence of true leadership. This is the vision of ELLE Academy, to create a culture of leadership, vision, and promise.


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